Mental Health

How creating a blog has helped me.

When I started this blog I didnt think it could help but I had tried so many other things like meditation, yoga, counselling, medication, but not seemed to get me back on my feet like I wanted so I created this blog.

At first I was like, ok what do I write about? what information can I put in it? how would I feel once I had shared it? would others treat me differently? But when I actually sat and thought about it, I was like well this isn’t for them this is for me and to off load all this chaos in my mind off.

Now 3/4 weeks down the line and I feel more happier with myself, still have had the odd day of feeling off, but I feel I have something to focus on, something that helps me with my thought process. I am not saying everyone should create a blog but you could do different things like a diary, bullet journal, anything, but for me this works.

I feel like I am waffling on in most of my blogs, but the release I get from writing them, takes a weight off my shoulders and I have now got the passion for blogging!! I want to share my journey, good and bad with you all and hope to help in some way that we connect. To be able to talk freely about Mental Health and the effects it has on us all, even those who just have a down day.

This blog has helped me understand my thought process better, and to know when I am feeling down that it is ok to have that off day and to write how and why I am feeling that way because that way I can hopefully start to see a pattern, like times of year, certain dates/days, also to see what I am feeling on that day and why?

I am now starting to make more of an effort with myself, as silly as it is, I am giving myself some self care, having a bath every night almost and brushing my teeth everyday, I am wanting to feel better not just on the inside but the outside too. With giving myself some time for me to to this little things has had a big impact, I am slowly getting a routine together and my sleeping pattern is improving (wanting to go to sleep before taking my meds), so hopefully one day in the future I can be free of the them and be able to fight this battle without any help as it wont feel so big to deal with.

Everyday is different and everyday I have a new sense of purpose for myself and my Mental Health. I can now talk freely and in hope to help others along the way.

To be honest the response I have got from doing these blogs are overwhelming some days, but give me a sense of pride and love.

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