Figuring out life

Feeling low and how I deal with it

Whenever I start to feel like I am going on a downward spiral I tend to like been in the woods or an open space and just sit and listen to the rustling of the trees and the sound of the birds singing and sometime if I sit there long enough I can hear the creatures rustling in the bushes.

I do this to be able to gather my thoughts and bring myself to a calmer state, because lets face it, who doesnt like been one with nature?

The good thing about doing this, is I can take my fur baby with me and he will just sit beside me and put his head on my lap and give me the comft I need in that moment. Sometimes he will go and wonder to see what has caught his attention but then he will come back and then lay next to me.

Through the Autumn/Winter months it is hard to enjoy this when it is raining and snowing but I will still tend to go out and enjoy it more, because i feel like the rain is cleansing my soul and making feel like I am one with nature.

I enjoy walking even though I find it hard to do most days with my back and legs tingling all the time, but I try to get out as often as I can. I love how I feel when I have been for a good walk (even if I am hurting when I get back), I feel ready to tackle my thoughts and the chaos in my head.

Through the Spring/Summer months I feel the warmth of the sun on my face and hear the birds singing their happy song and getting ready for the birth of their young and teaching them the ways of life, the sprouting of fresh leafs, the smell of fresh cut grass and it warms my heart to know that the best days are yet to come.

When me and my fur baby go for walks through this period and the days are longer we can go for miles if my body lets me, and we feel free and at peace, watching the day go by and going to the beach and listening to the sound of the waves, watching the birds catch their food from the sea or digging in the sand for what ever might be their for them.

When I am walking or sitting in the woods, and the wind is on my face circling around me I feel like nature is telling me everything is going to be ok and that it is ok to feel how I am feeling, and in that moment I feel safe and at peace with myself.

I feel my inner self relax and just taking in the tranqulity of my surroundings, I feel like a weight has been lifted for a few moments, and I start to feel like my old self again, that is until I walk out of the woods and back onto the busy main road and then life hits me again.

Then my shoulders tense up, my head starts to hurt and the aches and pains of life reach me again, the chaos that had been calmed comes back and I feel like the weight has been put back on me ten fold.

throught the colder months we tend to stick to the wooded areas because it can get bitterly cold on the beach, and my fur baby likes to go swimming in the sea and through the colder months he can get very cold easily.

I just wish that I could be in the woodlands day and night and not have to worry about the civilisation and the chaos that is going on in the world, to be able to just keep myself to myself and to enjoy what life I have left with the nature that is provided. That is one wish I will make come true one day.

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