Figuring out life

Listening to my gut feelings

I always ignore my inner feelings and push them to one side, like when I know something it not right but I don’t say anything. When I am in situation and my gut starts to get that feeling, and I just ignore it and go hide in a corner of myself and wait for it pass.

I remember once upon a time, thatI would speak my mind and not worry about what people thought of me, and when I got that gut feeling, I would act on it, and follow it through and I would let it guide me.

If there was something about someone that did not sit right with me I would explore that feeling to find out why and 9 times out of 10 it would be right. It has saved me from alot of fake friends and situations that did not feel right.

Don’t get me wrong it has also let me down the gut feelings too, when it has come to having relationships, I have felt like it abandoned me, but I think that I just wasn’t listening to it because I was trying to please that person instead of pleasing myself.

As time as gone on my gut feelings have arisen afew times but have ignored them, because of my depressive state I haven’t trusted my feelings, now I am at a point where I am starting to listen again and feel the wave of emotion.

The only thing now is, I just hope that my mouth does not run away with me because I can sometimes speak before my brain engages and can get me in trouble sometimes and other times it can make people see what pain someone is going through and see it from their prospective.

I am now at the stage, where I am wanting to trust myself again and follow were my feelings take me. To feel alive and to find my roots again.

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