Figuring out life

Feeling Lost.

Right now I do not know whether I am coming or going with myself.

Everything I see I am seeing a negaitive side, I am always feeling that I am not good enough, that I would not be good enough for that promotion, or I am not a good friend, mother, girlfriend, etc etc.

Everything I seem to touch goes wrong, everything I say does not come out properly, everything I want to do I can not find the energy to do.

How can I think positively when there is so much negaitivity in the world? How can I move on from this world that has so much destruction? Yes I have a house, yes I have 2 beauiful kids, yes I have food and power and water, yes I have someone, yes I have friends, and I know there are people who are worst off than me, and I am thankful for what I have even though I do not show it or say it.

Everything is so jumbled in my head right now that I am lost in it all. There is a saying that comes to mind “Easier said than done.” Well it is certainly true because I can not do anything I say at all. I am in need of some help and guidance if anyone can?

I do not know what to do or where to go from this point on, I am going to try and use meditation again, to hopefully sort the lost chaos I am feeling right now. How do you over come this depression feeling? How do you “train” yourself to think more positively? How do you re-train yourself?

If anyone has some help or advice or where to look I would be more than grateful.

3 thoughts on “Feeling Lost.

  1. i got really down after i left the psych ward and they put me on anti-depressants…eventually it took time and a lot of mental work but i was able to achieve some pleasure out of the day to day things that i used to get pleasure from. I had to come up with better and new things to do though. i started spending more time with my daughter and going outside every day to walk. just recently i stopped taking my anti depressants because they honestly made me feel more depressed and i have felt better without them. i dont know if you take those kinds of pills and im not reccomending you stop taking them if you do. this was just my experience with similar problems ive had that you brought up.

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    1. Yeah I am on tablets too, and I just constantly feel drained whether I am on them or not. Bet your sighted enjoys the quality time with you now? I have started going outdoors again was therapeutic glad your are starting to enjoy the everyday stuff too, I am hopeful I will too one day x

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