Figuring out life

Becoming a Grandparent.

Well I am excited but not by this news.

Why? Because of what is going on in the world, is this really the right time to be having a baby? Is it really going to be able to enjoy the outdoors?

My daughter told me she was pregnant a few weeks ago and had the scan about 2 weeks ago now, even though I am excited for her, I can not help but worry at the same time.

I love my daughter very much but I can not help the feeling I have in my gut. I have not had the pleasure of watching her grow up for the first part of her life, and hopefully I have done ok for the rest of it.

This is going to be my first grandchild and with the current situation, I am afraid that I will not be able to spend time with my grandchild because of lockdown and they are going to be moving into their own place (hopefully soon).

It is a crazy world as it is but for a child to be born into it is going to be even crazier. I suppose as long has the baby is fit and healthy then everything will be ok, I guess.

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