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Getting fustrated!!

For the last few weeks I have been decluttering my house and getting rid of stuff that I do not need, want or use any more.

Today I went to defrost my little freezer only to find that my daughter has filled it with her food, which is fine but she could of told me that she was, as i put all my bought milk and bread in this freezer to last me for the month.

So I had to empty this and put into my other freezer so I could defrost it, but you know when things just build up and build up and then you snap? well I did today at both of my kids.

Why? Because I am sick to my back teeth of going to use something and it not been washed out, or go to put something somewhere and can’t because the space has been taken up by something else.

To make things even worse, it is like my house is a bloody hotel, for the last 2 weeks ish my daughters boyfriend has been coming round and leaving at stupid o’clock in the morning, and it has really got to me.

To top things off her bedroom looks like a bloody tip site but less organised, last time I put something in her room there was mouldy pot noodle pots and mould other things that I do not know what they were and then wounders why her room smells and mould growing in there!!

We are supposed to be in lock down, and I don’t like falling out with my kids at the best of times and I have let things lye for long enough, and they do not seem to understand that this is my house and I have rules regardless of them been 21 and 17 years old.

But when he comes round they lock themselves in her bedroom and stay there till they want food or he is leaving. My daughter no longer talks to me about anything, I understand she is grown up and wants to lead her own life but why does she feel like she is excempt from the rule?

As for my son well I am sick to my back teeth of asking him to clean up after himself and put his pots in the dishwasher. I am fed up of been an adult myself with everything that is going on not just with the world but what is happening to myself too.

Sometimes feel like I am a slave instead of a mum, If I am been unreasonable please say.

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