Figuring out life

A lazy Sunday.

Woke up this morning with the rain beatting on the window.

There is nothing more calmer than waking up to rain beating on your window and a wash of calmness come over you as you lay there and listen.

I love the rain, whether it be at home or outside, I even love having a bath while it is raining, as that is when I am at my calmest and at peace. To me the rain washes all your troubles and worries away.

As I got up and pottered about the house, my daughter comes in with her partner and asks if we would like bacon butty, which was a nice feeling to having despite the bickering we can have, we do get on and we do have that mother daughter bond.

As they were making the bacon butties the sun came out for about an hour, and everything just seemed to feel right, everything felt alright with the world.

Then the rain started again as I was preparing a sunday dinner for my family and I was just there in front of the window with the rain beating against it and another wash of peace and calmness went over me, like as if everything was clicking into place slowly.

I have decided to do a Psychology course to be able to understand the brain and the functions of mental health, and work is busier than ever, and everything seems ok with everything else, and I am saviouring this moment, in a big way.

Why? Because I do not get many moments like this and when I do I savour every laugh, talk, hugs and kisses from those that I love the most, the reason for this, is because they are few and far between.

Hope everyone else is having a lovely sunday.

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