Figuring out life

Nightmare of a day.

What started out as been a simple day turned out to be one of the most fustrating days.

Everything was going ok until I had to sort my phone out. A few weeks ago my Face ID stopped working literally over night and I could not get onto any of my apps on my phone, lucky I knew passwords for everything still, but it just kept telling me that it was not operational and to try again later.

So I got intouch with the technical support for my phone and because it was out of warranty I have to do it through my phone provider as they give you 2 years, so, I was back and forth to these stores only to be told I would have to go to Newcastle if I wanted a new phone there and then.

So I am on the phone to the support team and they get me in only to find out that they had booked me for Saturday instead which by this point I was getting fustrated and my anxiety is going through the roof, with people pushing past and rushing.

Anyway they managed to get me in and within 10 minutes everythingwas sorted, the only downfall to all this is that I had to pay for the repair and then forward the reciept to my service provider and it was a lot of money at this time of year!!

But manage to get the money together (Thank you Gill) and get through to Newcastle to get my phone sorted, So what a nightmare of a day just to get a phone sorted, but everyone I have spoken to has been so helpful and polite and not once did any of the staff make me feel like I was just some other person.

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