Figuring out life

Day 10 of isolation

Feeling drained today.

I am on my second day of detox, and I am not gonna lie I feel so drained and low and having a major headache, but this is normal right?

I mean I have cut out all chocolate, coffee and anything else that I would snack on or any junk that i would eat, I am on fruit and vegetables and plenty of water.

My skin feels super oily and my body is protesting against me, but I am going to stick at it just like I have with the yoga and meditation, as I know this is good for me, and also my health.

Since starting yoga and meditation I have cut down on my smoking and finding breathing more easy to do now, I am finding that I am not struggling when I walk up the stairs or after a yoga session, so something must be helping and doing something to me?

I have also notice I am sweating a lot more too, hopefully this is a good sign too, I am hoping that it is the start of all the toxcins leaving my body, fingers crossed.

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