Figuring out life

1st week of September

Had to have a COVID test!!

With all the places we had been at the weekend, my partner was not feeling well and was coughing and had a bit of a temperature so we booked in to have our tests done.

That was the worse 24 hours as I was bored and was hoping that they would come back negative as I was seeing our granddaughter on the Wednesday.

Phew they came back negative and my partner was getting worse and ended up taking the week off work in the end because of how bad he was.

I went to see my granddaughter and daughter on the Wednesday and then as soon as I got back home I started to feel lousy and I started coughing even smoking was hurting my lungs and ended up spending the next 2 days in bed was not a happy bunny.

With how bad I was I stopped smoking because it was making me cough more and hurting my lungs.

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