Figuring out life

2nd week of September

Feeling much better!!

It has been a long time since I have felt ill, and I do not like been ill.

Good thing that has happened this week is I am back at college doing my level 3 just need to sort out a student loan so that way I can do it and then I just have to find the money to pay for the exam.

Did a lot of cooking this week also and the weather has been boiling hot and I managed to cut the grass front and back of the house and tidy the flower pots up and make look reasonable.

Also got my Mental Health first Aid booklet to do, applied for it at the beginning of the summer holidays so that way I had something to do but it did not get to me till this week so now I have that and my course to do so I need to try and manage time so I can do both and hand the booklet in before the scheduled date.

Went through to Bridlington so that way I get to see my partners little one as feels like I have not seen him for ages. We stopped at a place called Carnaby Crawlers for the weekend and I got to try out my new crawler that I built even though it needed some tweaking here and there but had some help from others at the club.

Well this week I have been doing my blog a whole Year!! Can you believe that I know I can not. With this journey of blogging I have come to learn a lot about my self and that life is too short. and that there are adventures out there waiting to be explored and I am now at the stage where I am ready to take on them adventures and see what the world has to offer but wanting to start in my own country first and explore more of this little island before maybe going and exploring other place aboard. Wanting to also build my campervan so I can explore this little island freely and be able to see what spectacular places we have to offer.

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