1st week of August

Have been off my medication now for 6 weeks and I can tell big time.

This week I have been doing my gardens. As my daughter had some paving slabs that they did not want but I was in need of some to finish the path way to the gate in the back garden. I also cut the grass both front and back as they were looking a bit long!! Gotta love a freshly cut lawn.

I also pressure washed the front and back as with the rain there was a thin layer of mud on the patio area of my garden, and with layering the other slabs that needed doing anyway, so did the whole lot front and back so everything now looks nice and clean and fresh. The only downside to doing the garden for the last 2 days is that my back is now in bits and even the pain killers are not touching it. So I am having to try and grin and bear it.

Also I started taking my furbaby out for a quick 10 minute walk on a morning to see if I can shift some of this weight I have gained. The good thing about the hot weather is you tend to drink more than eat so I think that is helping with the losing of weight. I have also looked at doing some Aqua Aerobics as I am not allowed to do any heavy lifting because of the mesh I have. Speaking of the mesh I am now going to see a specialist in September, was supposed to be November but they have moved it forward which I am thankful for. Hopefully I can have it removed and then hopefully this pain will somewhat go I know I will still be in pain because of my back but hopefully it wont be as bad as it is now because I am getting it from all areas.

It was also my Dads 60th this week and we went down all the way to Weston-Super-Mare to go see him and we also got to explore what is around there which is not much but it is and ok sea side town. Was good to see some of the family too as not seen them for a few years. The only down fall to it all was the traffic and it taking 7 and half hours to get there and 6 hours ish to get back.

The weather was ok to start with and then it absolutely chucked it down on the second day but lucky it had calmed down before the party.

Have not felt too bad this week. Wish there was more time to actually spend with my partner but it seem like I blink and the weekend is over. Which sucks.

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