1st week of October

This week has been an unexpected week. I got my pre-operation assessment this week and then go for my operation next week!!!!!!

So now I am worried because of college and the fact that I was told it will be a while before I will be having the operation because of the back log of everything because of the pandemic so was not expecting to been seen until at least next year but oh no I am having it next week!!

Every time I think about it I need to go for a nervous poo! I know most of you will not want to know that but it is how I am feeling right now!!

So now I need to chat with my tutor and see what cause of action I need to take as I know that I can start in February but did not want to wait that long, but my health needs to come first as this hopefully will stop a few other things that are wrong with me. Well, maybe not stop them but definitely slow them down at any rate.

love this month as it the start of the leaves changing colour and falling from the trees but it is also HALLOWEEN month and i absolutely love halloween more so than Christmas to be fair. Only down side now is that I am going to be laid up for halloween this year so wont even be able to decorate the house or have candy for those that come knocking this year boo hoo.

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