2nd week of August

Was laid up the first half of the week.

Has been a bad start to this with my back playing and not been able to much. I woke up on Monday morning feeling ok, then I started to clean the house and then my back went on me so had a 10 minute sit down till I felt ok to move and then carried on to which my back ended up going again but this time it was more painful than the last. So decided to have a coffee and have longer time to rest and took some painkillers to help with the pain. Once the painkillers had kicked in a started tiding again but this time when me back went I nearly went on my bum and could not move and pain was intense to the point that I was in tears and knew that I would not be able to anymore. From that moment every time I moved I would get pains shooting through my back and down my legs, it would take me a while to get to and from the toilet and this would be painful again. So after that I was laid up for 2 days unable to do much apart from go to the toilet and make a drink anything more than that and I would end up in agony. Was taking painkillers for the 2 days but they did not seem to do really anything. By the Thursday I was able to move about a bit more but ended up ringing the doctors because I still have not heard anything from the rheumatologist and only to find out that they have not put a referral in for me to go see one. This is now starting to get beyond a joke with them because the pain is getting so bad that I can no longer enjoy the things I used to do. This then gets me down and end up been in a vicious cycle of pain and misery.

I do try to get about and moving as much as I can, but when the pain starts I then become restricted and can end up been laid up in bed or not been able to leave the house with fear of collapsing. I should not have to live like this I am not even 40 yet and already my life is restricting. I wanted to a sponsored walk for mind this year but have had to put that off till I know I am able to walk some without having too much pain. Life is starting to suck a little bit right now but at least I have other things to keep me occupied for now while I wait for my back to get sorted.

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