2nd week of December

This week I finally started finishing all the projects I started and I also gutted some more of the house and my god do I feel good for it.

Also this week I started making my own journal to publish at some point next year hopefully everything is my own design and I have been using the last couple of weekes and hoping to get a few people to test it out before the final product goes on sale. I would say that it a while off before that but I am finally doing something about my dreams that I have wanted to do since been at school 20 plus years ago. Just can not wait to get on the open road in a few years and see the world before I get to old.

These last few months I have realised that I have not done anything with my life as such. I have 2 beautiful and intelligent (in their own way), who have grown up to be who they want to be and I love them very much and will do anything for them (when they let me). While they are leading their own lifes I am going to lead mine and do what I have always wanted and I would say I am one thrid way through my counselling course and one third way through my own journal, my blog is also going to under going a change in the new year.

So a lot of preparing and getting things sorted this month because I do not want to be going into next year with unfinished stuff like I did coming into this year. A head full of dreams and a pocket full of ambition and I am going to let myself shine for once. Not for any but for myself because I know I am worth these things and everyone who has put me down in the past and said I will amount to nothing well I used to believe you but not anymore so what this space and what me shine.

Also over the last month or so I have been working on making a journal, with putting some of the things that have helped me over the years, as well as other things that I have found useful now I know that what has worked for me is not going to work for everyone but it is a learning curve and I know there is room for improvement with this when people start giving me feedback when I get it out there.

I will take all feedback from it as good feedback regardless of what it says because how am I meant to grow if I can not take the bad with the good? Surely, it helps with progress?

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