2nd week of July

Had my Exam this week which has had me stressing and feeling very nervous.

Things have been a busy and hectic week this week as we had my partners mums 70th birthday and we through it as a surprise. Everything turned out really good too which was nice and wasn’t as stressful as I thought it might of been. It did help that we bought finger foods for everyone to have and paper plates so we didn’t have to wash up after everyone and we could just put everything in the bin. Also the majority of the food got eaten which was good and his mum got the cake she wanted which was a fruit cake.

Feeling a bit of the pressure from this week with the exam and the party and then having to go to the hospital for the results of my hearing test, which are all good and fine just a bit of detonation but nothing that is serious but if anything with my hearing to just get referred back and I will have more tests done.

Did my last review for college this week and all i have todo now is wait for that to come back so I can put it into my folder and hand my folder in and then just wait to see if I have past and wont find out if i have past my exam till September. Good thing is that I have already been accepted for my level 3 for September and I am so excited to be starting that one because it goes more in-depth with all the theories.

I have had a thought this week about maybe writing a book, well I have started writing one but need to make more of an effort with it and get writing more on it as i have loads of short stories that me and my partner have wrote together and thinking of putting them into a short story book and on some of them adding more to them to make them into longer stories.

This week I have also tried to do a bit of exercise as feeling the weight on me now and I am also getting unhappy with my weight. It is hard to move about some days because of my back as can not walk very far these days but hoping it will improve with doing some light exercises so that way i can strengthen everything back up and then when I have my operation i will be able to move about a bit more easily.

Have also been doing a lot of thinking this week about everything I have in my house and really want to give it a good de-clutter and get rid of everything that is not needed and only keep what we use and need until we move out and go full time van life and go explore the world. As really can not wait to do this and the more I think about it the more I want to do it now but know that it is not possible at the minute with me been at college and then going to uni to do my degree but as soon as that is all done then everything is going or going into storage and then bye bye uk and hello world.

When we are out and about in the van all my worries and stress and everything else i have seem to not disappear but be a lot more calmer and more manageable and when we are exploring woodlands or abandoned places or going to the beach I can recharge and think more clearly. I am able to be more myself because of been less stressed and worried about what society expects of me and that I can be free from it.

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