3rd week of August

I have started a diary again this year.

I have not done a diary for a few years now have bought them but I have not written in them but thinking that maybe I should start because I am forgetting what appointments I have and when and also when we have agreed to to do something with friends and then I am forgetting so I think that this will help. I have gone for a weekly one so that way there is enough space for me to write down what we are doing and when and then it will help with college stuff too.

Feeling ok this week just getting flustered with knowing we are doing something only to forget that we are doing it and it is making me feel jittery.

Also feeling a little weird that I am not at college and feel like my week is starting out of whack which is putting a ripple in the rest of the week.

The weekend we went to my partners cousins BBQ weekend which they do every year through the summer. It was a good laugh until my partner got glitter bombed and it stuck to him like glue so I know this is going to be about for weeks to come. My partner drank some and was slightly drunk.

Nothing really much to say this week.

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