3rd week of December

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas 🎄

Well I ended last week on a high because it was my partners birthday and I hope he enjoyed it. Apart from the noisey neighbours who woke him up at 1 in the morning and we ended up coming home. Felt like he wanted to come home anyway and that was a good enough excuse. I know it was not what I had put in place for him orginally but with everything that has gone on with the operation and then the threat of been put into lock down again. This country does not know whether they are coming or going.

But now that, that is out of the way time to get the rest of the rubbish I do not want in my house and sort through some more stuff, because I would like to go for a minimal look in the house so that when my son moves out I will not have as much stuff to get rid of.

Then get some more of my journal done and add some pictures and quotes and then see if I can find someone after the new year to print and get some samples sent out and then look at what feed back i get back from it and then adjust what needs adjusting and then get it out there. I am sooooo excited that I can not contain myself.

Also this week I gave my hair a trim as the ends were looking a bit dull and lifeless, have redone the blue and purple in my as it was looking a bit lifeless. It still looked good though and I liked it alot but wanted doing for new year as me and my partner have got 2 and half weeks together and we are going exploring in the van and I can not wait so there will be lots of photos and posts going up about that in the new year. Will be busy with our other blogging site which is manly based on our travels in Harley Vanzel.

Also towards the end of the week my mental health has suffered a little and I just could not get out of bed one day for fear of everything going to come crashing. Even though I fight this every day some days just get too much and I just can not bare anything. When I have days like this I tend to not do anything. I will just lay in bed and stare at the ceiling because doing anything just feels too much to deal with. Even thinking makes me question everything so I try not to think, but that is a task in itself to try and not do.

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