3rd week of July

This week saw me going away for the weekend to a youtube meet up to help with our channel for van life.

Yeah it was a good weekend but not sure if I am enjoying been in a big crowd as I start panicking and I just shut off and wanted to hide away. Do not get me wrong I enjoy meeting up with people and meeting new friends and everything but I would rather it be just a few good friends round a fire and having a laugh, rather than a big group trying to sit round one fire and everyone trying to talk over everyone and if someone is trying to talk to me I can not hear them because of music been played and everyone trying to over talk everyone.

The weather has been amazing and have got a okish tan but I have done nothing but sweat and feel like I am swimming in it. Ended up jumping into the river for a small swim as can not swim very well and this cooled me down dramatically and was very much need with temperatures of 30 plus degrees.

The only thing I think that has got me this weekend is that I was expecting one thing and it ended up been just like any other meet up for van lifers. Yes we did not really mingle as we was not sure what we was supposed to be doing and how yes we did get some footage but not sure if it is going to be enough. My head has been in a spin but this could be down to the intense weather and not been able to keep cool and everytime I move I would literally be dripping with sweat.

When I got back home I had a lot of washing to do and sort some stuff out. The more I am out and about in the van the more I want to live that life. The more I want to live that life the more I am hating the one I am in. I know I can not do much at the minute about it but I know that one day I will be living the life on the open road and exploring what the world has to offer and for me to be able to offer that to others on the road with me becoming a counsellor. Knowing this does give me some peace for now but my feet are getting itchy and wanting to go.

I tidied through the house and made sure everything was how I wanted it to be but I look around the house think I have still got way too much stuff that I need to sort through and get rid of because I am not going to need it on the open road but some of it can go into storage and I can always go back and forth to change certain things when I am back here.

next week I am having a chilled and do nothing week but no doubt I will still end up doing something.

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