4th week of September

This week is my sons 18th birthday!!

I can not believe I now have a daughter who is nearly 22 and 18 year old son where has the time gone.

It does make me sad that me kids have grown up and seem to be doing their own thing and having families of their own but it does not stop me from missing, the need of them them needing me. Like when they have a fall and start crying or when they have achieved something and them running out of school to show me. Watching them grow and become independent and know there own minds is something of a proud factor for me because even though I think I have been a rubbish mum and have not done my best most of the time I most of done something right for them to be like they are.

I am not taking credit for everything they have done because they have learned to do a lot of it by themselves with me guiding or supporting them through when they have let me but it does not stop me from been proud of them. I am just glad that they know what they want in life.

Things are no better or any worse with my daughter but she knows where I am if she needs me. I am learning to let go of everything around me (slowly) because what I have come to learn is that I can control my actions and my behaviour and not anyone else’s. So by me just letting go I am able to not let things get to as much as it used to.

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