5th week of July

This week has been an extremely busy week.

The reason for this is because I have had my partners little one and we have done something every day this week. We have walked at least 2.5 miles a few times, gone swimming, gone crawling, made a stick of rock and went to a play area. We also went to the York Maze.

Everyday we have done something different and everyday I have gone to bed early and have not slept properly as I have seen every hour on the hour through the night because I just haven’t been able to settle or get comfortable.

The weather has been really good this week, not as hot as previous weeks but still pretty hot and as the end of the week draw closer the weather got cooler and cooler and now we have constant rain. Lets hope it improves for the weekend.

I managed to keep him off his phone for most of the week as he is only 7 and me personally he should not have a phone just yet but this seems to be the norm these days for children his age to have a phone, when did everything change and technology became the new outdoors? It is sad to see the world live through social media and make out that they have a perfect life when sometimes that is not the case or only show the good things that are happening in their life. What is wrong with sharing the bad stuff too?? Oh yeah people like to make them feel worse for it with slating and trolling them. Shouldn’t we be lifting them up when they are low and not making them feel lower?? I should know because I have have it when I have put something negative about my self on and I have had people say pick yourself up and give your head a shake, I know that there are worse off people out their than me but when I or someone else s putting that out their maybe they are looking for support to know that they are not alone and that they have people to have their back when they need it the most??

Anyway, it has been an awesome week and have loved having my partners little one for the week and we have done some amazing things together (I would put pictures in this blog put he is not my child to do so). So much so that he did not want to leave as such and wanted to spend more time with me and his dad. When we went to York Maze it was brilliant would highly recommend if you live int the UK as there is so much to for the kids and you can spend all day there. You can either take your own food and sit at the many picnic tables or buy food there (a little expensive). We did the Maze and that was epic to go round as this year it was based on Little Miss and Mr Men and when you see it from the sky they actually have a picture of the Maze. You go round it solving clues and when you are done you pop your sheet into the box and you are entered into their draw (can not remember what it was for now!!). We will definitely be going back again.

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