Change the world.

I can not change the world but can change my view of the world.

The world is changing in ways that no one can understand, there are so many things going on that we do not understand and that change brings fear to all.

I am afraid of what is going to happen but not afraid of how I see it, I try to block out everyones theories of what they believe is going on and they have that right to voice what they believe but everyone has their own theories and everyone will try to speak out to be heard.

But when you stop listening to them voices and go with your own light and follow what you believe in you will find a way, through all the madness and choas that is going on.

I am now drowning out them voices I am now listening to what the voice inside me is saying, I will be silent and I will be brave, I will stay calm, until I can undersstand fully on what is going on.

The world is changing but it is how you take that change will depend on you, you are the future and you need to put a side your hate and your fear of that change and embrace it with both hands and show what you are capable of.

One day the change will benefit us all and we will all be equals instead of been separated by status or rank, I believe in myself and others and because of that it gives me hope, and right now everyone could use some hope to see that change.

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