Changing what I am eating.

This is just some of the food that I have been eating, and I already feeling more healthy, isn’t it weird on how much food has an impact on how you feel?

I havent gone vegan or anything at the minute but I am not dismissing the idea either, I am just going with the flow of what I eat but at the minute, I am enjoying the fruit and veg I am eating and willing to give alot of food that I have never tried like advocado, it has never been something I have ever tried because it has not appealed to me and now I can not get enough of it, it is so tasty with a salad, I feel like it is having a party in my mouth hahahahahaha.

I have also bought a squash to try but thinking of making into a spagetti as seen it been done on a YouTube video I have seen so going to be having that for tea tonight and I will add a picture in another blog and let you know my thoughts on that.

Anyway as I was saying, I am finding I am having more energy and feeling fresh on a morning, I am still taking my tablets to help me sleep though but hoping by changing how I am feeling and eating, I should be able to come off them by the end of the year that is my goal anyway.

I have not set myself many long term goals just 2-3 that are managable and that I know I will achieve, the rest of my goals are daily and I will write them down the day before, before I go to sleep so that way when I wake up I can look at them and see which ones I actually want to do that day and think about the others for another day but not dismiss them totally if I can do them all in that day I feel a sense of accomplishment, and pride for doing everything.

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