Christmas and New Year. (Part One)

It has been a quiet time to be honest, but then again I think that is the same for most.

Christmas Day was very weird for me this year because normally I am running around seeing family and friends over this period and I have not really be able to, but I know it is the same for most people that would normally be out and about over the Christmas period.

We just sat and watched movies most of the day and I cooked a Christmas dinner with all the trimming only down side was is that my Son could not be bothered to get out of bed to open his presents or have Christmas dinner with us and then had the cheek to ask for his presents the day after, yes I might of been a bit harsh but he spoiled my Christmas day because the only thing I asked for, for Christmas is to spend the day with my kiddies.

As next Christmas I will have a grandbaby and wont have another Christmas where it is just me and my kiddies, selfish I know but I just thought it would of been nice and it was all I asked for Christmas from my kiddies, and he could not even be bothered to just come down and open his presents with us.

The New Year I got to see my step son and watch him open his presents that we had got him and ended up cooking Christmas dinner for a second time, with my extented family, we had a laugh and got very fat from all the food we had eaten.

What is Christmas and New Year with out someone arguing, and that was between me and my parter over nothing and everything, things that were pointless but yet had some sort of meaning behind it, and it was all over the pandemdic and us having our own views on it.

Why does the converstaion always end up been about it? Why does everyone end up arguing over it? I am sick of it and it now controlling everyone and what is means to them, yes everyone can have their thoughts about it but at the end of the day it is what it is and that is all I am saying about it for now anyway.

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