Christmas and New Year. (Part Two)

Managing to meet up with some friends and family over the holidays.

It has been a weird year for almost everyone this year, and I think some have took it badly than others, I know I have. It is amazing on how we do not realise how much we rely on someone until they can not be there for you to be able to have that shoulder to cry on or even that reassuring hug that everything is going to be ok.

I have not been able to pop over to a friends house or meet a friend outside because of fear, and that fear has consumed me for the most part of the year, and now I am hopefully finally on the road to a more wellness and positive self.

As I look back on what has happened this year and what I have gone through personally and what the world has thrown at us, I am not surprised that the mental health has risen over the last year as well as other things like suicide as I was nearly one of them with how I was feeling.

I finally got to see a counsellor even though I have gone private, as I could not wait for the NHS to allocate me one, and I think that this is an issue in the UK because there are not enough counsellors and appointments to deal with the amount of people who are in need and not everyone can afford to go private.

But I now have a more positive outlook for the year 2021 and hoping that it will bring a better outlook for everyone next year and that everythhing will start calming down and returning to some sort of normality.

This is going to be my last blog for 2020 and I hope you all have had a fab Christmas and hope that everyone has an amazing New Year and that 2021 bring you all happiness and a more positive outlook.

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