Counselling Session Two.

My sencond counselling session went really well.

Was able to voice a few things on my mind and get a few thoughts that I had out that I had been thinking lately, with my son and how he is getting to me with all his attitude and always having an answer for everything and the incident I had with him back in May lasy year and how it has made me feel, and how I feel it has drove a wedge into my family.

Was also talking about my past relationships and how everything I have been feeling about them lately has been getting on top of me, because of one thing that has happened has triggered everything else off at the same time, which is common to go through even if you have dealt with it in the past.

I also spoke about the loss of my baby and how that is effecting me but not the fact she isn’t here but the fact I have been thinking about alot lately, which is also common because of the triggers tht have happened, it seems like one major thing can trigger a lot of other things that have happened in the past and resurface at the same time.

So I am having a lot to deal with but I have been doing the 5 minute mindfulness every day whether it be doing my teeth or washing my hands or even eating, or cooking I have done it every day, going to try mindful music tonight and see if it will haelp me relx before going to bed tonight.

Starting to feel a little better about myself and I am doing little positive steps everyday, and by doing these little positive steps I am hoping to become a better version of myself.

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