Daughter moves out

Well these last 2 weeks has been a mixture of emotions for me.

Firstly my mother-in-law got rushed to hospital and has been there for just over a week now, but I didn’t know what to do, felt like I was just getting in the way and not really helping or doing anything, so I just found myself cleaning and cooking and just running around to keep myself busy.

Then I come back home to find my daughter has moved out, and decided to not talk to me about it again, yes I was very hurt and upset about it, but she is an adult now and expecting her first baby so what can I do? And to top that off both my kids did not even bother to text to say happy Mother’s Day!

So have been battling all the negative thoughts that have been going through my head and feel like I have took a few steps back from where I was, I know I will get back there as I am working on myself of self love and also working on my inner child too.

Why? Because a lot of my hurt and torment comes from my childhood and there is a lot of work that I need to do, to be able to heal properly and to be able to move forward in a more positive and a more manageable manner.

Today when I went to get up out of bed, my hip gave way and ended up falling and hurting myself even more, but some strong pain killers and rest will help me get back on my feet quicker, I do really need to go get checked out but doctors say we can’t see you at the moment, so no doubt by the time I do get seen, I dread to think of the damage, and no doubt will get the you should of come and seen us sooner comment.

Any way I just thought I would give a quick update this week hope everyone else is doing ok?

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