Day 11 of isolation.

Feeling a little more energic today.

Still have a slight headache but not as bad as yesterday, although I am going for a wee more often because of all the water I am drinking no doubt.

Yoga seems to be getting more easier and I am starting to feel the flow of this, I am not relying on the video as much to remember what I need to do, and can start seeing a difference in body with this too.

I also turned my phone for the last couple of days too and have noticed I am not dixtracted as much and can focus on my tasks more easily. I do turn it on for about an hour through the day but I do this when I have not planned anything in that time and reply to any texts I have recieved.

After my phone I will meditate to help me re-focus myself from the outside world, and just enjoy the peace I am trying to achieve with myself.

The one thing I am missing more than anything right now and that is taking my furbaby for a walk, only 3 more days to go and then we can.

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