Day 12 of isolation.

feeling a little more energitic today.

With doing this detox I am now starting to feel the benefits even though I have felt a bit sluggish, I am finding my self with more energy to things and can focus a little better on tasks.

It has helped with the yoga and meditation as I am able to focus on these much better and have also notice some change in my body too, my bum does not look as big as it did.

I have took a photo of my before and will take one of my after when I have done with the detox and with doing the yoga and meditation and will post these when ready, I will wear the same clothes as I did in the before so that way you can see the progress as I am excited to see if there is any difference.

Not long to go and then I can start doing my walking again with my furbaby, bless him he is only getting taken for short walks at the minute by my son and he comes back looking at me as if to say is that it??

I have also started reading Frankstein by Mary Shelley, which has been waiting on the shelf for about a year for me to read along with afew other books that I purchase around the same time.

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