Day 5 of isolation.

Still haven’t done much 😦

Me and pooch ran about the house been silly which was good excerise for us both he was knackered out and slept most of the day and just as I was winding down he wanted to play again.

Got on top with my finances thought it was about time I paid them some attention, which was a weight lifted, I have now got a savings pot for a rainy day, I also did some telephone calls that I could not put off any longer.

Once I had done all this I felt I was getting some of my life control back, and it felt good.

I then decide to tidy up as the house was looking a bit neglected, which again made me feel a bit better, but I still have this nagging sensation in my mind that something needed to be addressed but I could not quite put my finger on it.

So i got my note pad and pens and started writing down what was on my mind and did a mind map of my feelings and what could be possibly be the cause of these, and thought I would explore these with my counsellor when I next saw her.

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