Day 8 of isolation.

Still haven’t done much 😦 but getting somewhere.

You would think I would use this time wisely but in actual fact I haven’t. All I have done is sit around and thought about things a great deal.

About who I am as a person, who am I? has come up lot these last few days and to start with my answer was I do not know, but as the days have gone on I have now started to think about it more and more.

Who am I? Well I am a mother of 2, and that is about it really, you would think I would have more but as I explore this who am I? It has me thinking alot of not who I am but more of what do I want to become?

Do I want to let depression and anxiety take over my life? Well that is a definite NO, so my next question is, what am I going to do about it? Well I have had to dig deep and try to find what my root cause for this is and it has been pain staking.

I spoke with my counsellor about this and it was a grusome process and very emotional and very eye opening to say the least. But I am now hoping that by getting to the bottom of it I can now work on trying to heal myself and look to the future.

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