Day 9 of isolation.

Did something different today.

Decided to restart myself and have a few days away from all technology apart from my laptop as doing a course through a college and it is online at the minute.

I decided to start off with a 14 day detox, becuse I have eaten so much junk food lately that I feel like a slug. I have swapped all crisps and chocolate and anything else that I have that is classed as junk food and replaced them with fruit, vegetables, salads, nuts and seeds, I have also swapped my pepsi and coffee for water that I flavour with the fruit I have bought.

I am hoping that by detoxing my body of all the negative stuff I have been consuming lately, will help balance out the toxins in my body, while I am also doing this detox I have started with yoga and meditation to help re-energise my inner self and also might help to loose afew LBs that I have gained.

I have just weighed myself and I am shocked, totally disgusted with myself 14st and 5lbs, I havent been that heavy since been pregnant 17 years ago!!!

As I still have 5 days left of isolation to do now would be a good time for me to start this because then when I can take my furbaby for a walk again I wont feel so sluggish and un-motiviated.

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