Day One of isolation.

Did not do much today.

Got up later than I would normally, and feed the dog and he has looked at me with sad eyes because I can not take him out with been on isolation, just as we was starting to get into a rountine too.

I had breakfast, made a coffee, made my pooch his breakfast, and started at the kitchen table and ate. I then filled the dishwasher, and cleaned the sides down and went back up stairs.

I went to go brush my teeth but my tooth brush died so had to put that on charge. I then started sorting my clothes and shoes out and get rid of everything I no longer wear or need.

I then made myself some dinner and then decided that I was not going to do anyhting else for the rest of the day, apart from watch netflix and get back into bed.

I most of fell asleep as I woke up feeling hungry and got up and made something to eat, and feed the pooch his tea, and then decided to go back to bed and go to sleep, I turned the TV off and went to the toilet let the pooch out and then climbed back into bed and went to sleep.

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