Day Three of isolation

The last three days have been like hell.

Not been able to go out for excerise or take my dog out is really starting to get me.

I had got this plan in my head that I was going to be a bit more active and take my pooch out every day (doing it myself instead of asking my son to do it for me).

I was going to get up and do some yoga stretches have breakfast, get dressed and then take the pooch out for a good walk, and then come back do some more yoga stretches and then do what is on my list for the day.

Now do not get me wrong I am still doing everything apart from the dog walking, but by not getting out for that hour is really starting to get to me.

The weather is not good it is raining but I love the rain and walking in it I find it calming and relaxing and not been able to get out in it and walk in the woods is a nightmare.

I think the pooch is feeling it too as he is watching people go past out of the window and barking at every car that goes past, and making me jump out of my skin every time he does!!

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