Dealing with an illness for almost 20 years.

I have had Depression and anxiety for almost 20 years and it has taken most of my life to get this recognised by professionals.

Now if you have been reading my blogs from the beginning then you will have come across my time line of things that have happened to me over the years (well a breif over view anyway). Well it has taken me along time to deal with every individual thing that has happened and numerous amount of counselling for different things.

This is the start of my explaination into each one of the events that has happened in my life. I know this is n ot going to be an easy task for me to do, and it will most properly bring alot of bad memories and most properly send me down hill for a bit.

But, I need to start letting go of all this hurt and pain I have been carrying over the years, and also to let them go, so they no longer have a hold over me any more, so to speak getting to the roots of everything that is holding me in this state so I can hopefully move forward.

Now I know there are going to be some who read these next few blogs and maybe cry, get angry, upset etc, etc. I know there will be alot who are reading this will be shocked, there are some that already know the majority of what I have been through and have helped me through the years deal with it and have held my hand or been a shoulder for me to cry on.

I wont be going into too much deal with each event as I like to keep my blogs short enough for you not to get bored but yet long enough to keep you interested and I will be doing the same with the next lot of my life blogs.

I am hoping that by doing this it will release the burden I have been carrying for so many years, but also to give the reader an insight in to me a little more, to understand a little better why I am the way I am.

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