Feeling Lost.

Right now I do not know whether I am coming or going with myself.

Everything I see I am seeing a negaitive side, I am always feeling that I am not good enough, that I would not be good enough for that promotion, or I am not a good friend, mother, girlfriend, etc etc.

Everything I seem to touch goes wrong, everything I say does not come out properly, everything I want to do I can not find the energy to do.

How can I think positively when there is so much negaitivity in the world? How can I move on from this world that has so much destruction? Yes I have a house, yes I have 2 beauiful kids, yes I have food and power and water, yes I have someone, yes I have friends, and I know there are people who are worst off than me, and I am thankful for what I have even though I do not show it or say it.

Everything is so jumbled in my head right now that I am lost in it all. There is a saying that comes to mind “Easier said than done.” Well it is certainly true because I can not do anything I say at all. I am in need of some help and guidance if anyone can?

I do not know what to do or where to go from this point on, I am going to try and use meditation again, to hopefully sort the lost chaos I am feeling right now. How do you over come this depression feeling? How do you “train” yourself to think more positively? How do you re-train yourself?

If anyone has some help or advice or where to look I would be more than grateful.

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