Finding it hard to cope.

With all this pandemic that is going on it is really not helping my mentality at all, I feel like I am been confinded to a cell for nothing.

It is bad enough that I can not social to help with mental state, as I have family and friends that (yes I can talk over the phone), but it is not the same as been in their presence and feeling that support from them.

Because, lets face it, who hasn’t been on the pone and they have said something to you and you have took it in the wrong context it was meant to be recieved? I know I have plenty of times.

With what is going on in the world I am on the brink of shutting myself away from everyone and just hibernating, even though I am missing that support I most properly in desparate need of, but, I just have not got the energy to to it any more I really can not see the point of what is going on and why?

Yes I understand what is going on in the world but none of it is adding up, none of it is making sense, none of it, and I can not get my head round any of it. Not to menition having to deal with my depression and anxiety too (which is going through the roof right now).

I just want all of it to stop, I want there to be peace, happiness, laughter, helping each other when it is needed, instead of all this hate and controlling, and the need to have power. Why do you need to have it? What is it going to do for you? Apart from spilt a country and be at war?

Right now I am in 2 minds on whether I should go to work or ring up and stay in bed, because if I am here I feel safe and that I do not have to go anywhere or do anything, but I know this is not going to help me pay my bills or keep a roof over my head.

What has the world come to? What happened to unity?

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