First week of May

What a great way to start the month with a weekend away which you will have already seen in my last post.

I seemed to have fallen out with my Daughter over something that just did not need to fall out over, but she is due her baby this week and said that i was causing her and the baby stress, and all i wanted to do is go see her, but she said she couldn’t because of her partners child and the something around him but i would of been going to see her when he would of been at school anyway so I still can not get my head around it. (She knows where I am, just depends if she visits after she has had the baby or not).

Also having a few other Family issues and to be honest about it all everyone just needs to swallow their pride and stop been childish (myself included), also it boils my pee when people use kids as weapons against them just because they can and know that it will destroy them (kids are not weapons they are little people who rely on their parents and extended family to support them through life and not make them isolated from everyone) or start causing trouble because they can not get their own way or because they are happy and settling down with someone else, so they like to cause trouble instead, and stir the pot even more, there is just no need for it.

Despite that I am slowly loving life again, and loving how everything is slowly coming together in other areas of my life, I handed in my notice, to concentrate on myself and my future goals, big move to make but I know it is going to be worth it in the long run. I have applied for another job but that is volunteering for a few hours a week, so fingers crossed.

Me and my Partner are doing really well and we have not yet wanted to bite each others heads off (yet), so I must be doing something right there, I think the ease of lockdown is helping with that because we can go out a bit more now and we can start to make plans for where we want to go and who we want to meet and we are getting back to a better version of us and I am loving it.

I have also made a start on building my RC crawling this week also, but got stopped before I could even get anywhere as got a part missing, and checked all the bags that came in the box but it is nowhere to be found.

I also bought a fancy tool to help with the dog hair in my house so dehaired, hoovered and washed my carpets this week and my house smells amazing now and everywhere looks clean and tidy again, but, how long for? Will also bath my furbaby next week, hopefully the weather will be nicer then, as we have has sun, rain and snow with strong freezing winds.

With doing the carpets I have hurt my back alot and have tried to keep moving but everytime I put pressure on my right leg I get a sharp pain at the bottom of my back and then down my leg and will be be like this everytime, it is no fun I can tell you.

Had an eye test this week, and my eyes have gotten worse since I last went 3 years ago, so will be picking them up next week all been well.

Was in bed most of the weekend with the sickness and diaorrea bug which was not fun in the slightest, not nice not knowing which end it is going to come out of and if I was lucky it would do both (not a nice picture I know), the pain in my tummy was immense and felt like I was been punched repeatedly because of it, wish I could say that I looked like I lost weight but instead i expanded like a balloon and my clothes felt to tight to wear which did not help with the tummy pain so ended up wearing the lose clothing i could find which was my PJ’s and spent all weekend in them.

My Son has been helpful as and were he can, made sure I had plenty of water, and cleaned up were he could, and still went to work, it has been a long time since my son has thought of someone other than himself, but then again I am feeling poorly so I know it won’t last long. He decided to make a Sunday Dinner for us but i could only manage a few mouthfuls as got the sickly feeling back and did not want to push it too far.

My partner spent the weekend with his Son and his Mum, as a few weeks ago she fractured above her hip and could not move with the pain she was in and now she is slowly getting back on her feet and soon will be able to drive again. They went out with their RC Crawlers (My Partner and his Son), and I know that his Son loves the time he spends with his dad, and I find it cute when he says “I love you Dad”.

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