First weekend away since lockdown last year!!

Love watching the sunsets even in the cold weather.

It has been a long time coming getting out in the van and been able to enjoy the outdoors again.

We got asked to meet up with a few friends on a campsite not far from where we live, and what a weekend it has been (all social distancing of course!!). There have been laughs and catch ups and stories to tell that made every one laugh or cry with laughter.

It was good to finally see that this could be the end of what has been the most trying time for everyone, been locked away from everyone they love and cherish because of vulnerabilities, or they have had to shield or whatever reason they have needed to do to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

As I look around at these people who are talking and catching up, with their stories I see a few things and that is contentment, relief, worry, stress, and wonder. The sound of their voices so rushed but yet subtle, but there is still that void of not been able to get to close because of fear.

As I look at this crowd before me, I see wide eyes looking and facial expressions that are wary, and body language that is saying do not come to close, even though I have missed our chats, the ones that want to give hugs to those that are close to them but can not for fear of offending the other person or someone who is near by watching.

There are mixed reactions to these people before me and I can not help but wonder if this is how we are ment to be from now on and how we are to react to each other? I see these people and feel somewhat sorry for them because of the rules and guidelines that are in place, it just seems like one head battering after another against a brick wall, of you will do what is required or else!!

Myself included I feel the tension in my neck and shoulders as I return to the van as I had not realised how tense I had been, how safe I felt when I returned back to the van because it was home on wheels and only we could be in this small space, how worried my facial features looked when I was taking off my make-up.

So as I am looking in the mirror I am thinking if I am feeling like this, how is everyone else feeling? Could they be thinking or feeling something similar but on a smaller scale? or maybe on a bigger scale? But who knows because at the end of the day that is their progitive, and that it is ok to feel like this after a long hard year of a pandemic.

I know Mental Health is on the rise, not just because of the pandemic, but it has helped people to wake up and realise that people do need help and that it just isn’t going to go away, and I know there are a lot of companies who are now putting training into place to help those with Mental Health issues and that is fantastic to hear but what happens to that friendship they have just required at work with that person? will they still be friends or work colleagues? or even still a free therapist?

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