Had enough of society, and having a rant.

Everywhere you look is about COVID these days and it is getting on my nerves!!!!

I am sick to death of hearing about it, yes we know that we need to follow guide lines and keep safe, but really you are now forcing people to question about themselves and the society we live in.

Everywhere I look I see COVID this and COVID that, and the government telling us to do one thing but yet they do another, what happened to practising what you preech?

I go to work and wash my hands regularly and clean the sufaces I touch as often as I can, I come home and wash my hands before I do anything else, no matter where I go I wash my hands, I wear a face mask, and give others space when I am out and about.

So what if they are trying to brain wash us or some other stuff you believe that is happening, if them people want to believe what is been said or what is going around, isn’t that upto that person and not you?

To me that just makes you as bad as the government, trying to control what is said and what happens to people, what they should believe and what they should not.

Yes I know everyone has there own thoughts on what is going on but there is no need to peer pressure anyone, and that goes for the governmnet too. People will do what they do because that is right to them, no rule or guideline will make them do otherwise.

Why? Because people have been brought up a certain way and everyone has a different belief system, everyone thinks they are right and everyone else is wrong. No one thinks of anyone as equal and no one thinks of anyone else but themselves.

Because lets face it “you have to look out for number one” and that person who is number one is yourself. You can most proberly prove me wrong with this with loads of facts and stories but if you look at them stories and facts closely they are about one person who has done something for someone but why? Because they think they are doing a good deed?

Yes and No, yes they have done something for someone or something else but when someone asks about it they are soon ready to talk about how it made them feel and that they was not doing it for the lime light, but yet there they are talking about it.

This is the same with all this COVID stuff going on and yes this is my opinon and yes this is all about me, and my thoughts, so yes I am just as bad for wanting to been seen and heard, just like the rest of the world out there, but will anyone listen? That is upto them.

We each have our own beliefs and things that we each will follow, and that is fine, also having your say is also fine, just do not push it onto someone else, because they will at some point fight back and make you feel like it was all for nothing.

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