Hospital Appointment

I had an hospital appointment over a week ago now, as been getting a lot of pain in my tummy.

It was a rather painful and unusal day as the Doctor rang me as I was trying to check -in at the hospital, and the receptionist was getting rather impatient with me, which is understandable as I can not stand it when people are on the phone and want to order something.

I did apologise to the receptionist when I put the phone down and explained what was happening and she seemed to be ok with me after that.

Any how, back to the hospitall apointment its self, I was not waiting long when I was called in, and sat and had a chat with the head of the department for my prolapse, and then examined me, and Oh My God was it painful, so much so, he made me bleed!!

After he was done and I got changed he explained what was going on down there and why I am having a lot of pain. He said that the mesh that I had put in 3 years prior has come through my wall and that is why when I have sex it is very painful.

I now have a decision to make on whether I have a minor op to remove the mesh that is coming through my wall or have a major operation and have the whole thing removed completely, and then go back to have my prolapse sorted at a later date.

Everyone I have spoken to about it has said to have the full op because then I would no longer be in pain but I would end up with another scar on my belly and I will off my feet for at least 6 months and I am not aloud to do any heavy lifting for the rest of my life because of the procedure I will be having, but I also should not be doing any of that now according to the specialist because of me not having anything there to keep everything where it should be.

I have got till Feburary to decide on what I what to do, and I am still unsure which would be the better path to go down.

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