Hospital trip.

Well I had the biggest scare of my life the other day.

I woke up on Tuesday morning as any other day but with a slight pain in my chest and thought nothing of it as I thought it will pass soon, and carried on with my daily household chores.

As the day went on the pain in my chest got worse and was finding it hard to breathe and concentrate on what I was doing. I rang my doctor who told me to ring the NHS line for advice as they could not do anything at this time for me.

So I rang the NHS and they asked me aload of questions and then said that they are sending an ambulance out for me as they think I could be having a heart attack!!

The ambulance turned up about an hour later and was asking me questions and then hooked me up to ECG machine and when they looked at the print out they said it is nothing to worry about but there is something off with the reading and we are going to have to take you in.

At that point I froze and did not know what to think or say and in the ambulance I went to the hospital. When we got there they booked me and put me in a room and they hooked me up to there machines and took bloods.

As I layed on the bed waiting for someone to come and see me they was talking outside about the woment in the other room having Covid but not having any syptoms and what should they do??

The nurse then came into me and and checked my blood pressure and what not and they left again, about 40 minutes later the doctor came in and was asking if there was any heart problems in the family? To which I said I think so.

He then checked my blood pressure again and said that it would be wise to isolate for the next 14 days with them having someone in with Covid and them not showing signs of having it and that I will get an appointment through the post to have a heart scan.

Never in my life have I been so scared, or alone, and no one to comfort me and tell me everything was going to be ok, and that I will get through it.

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