I reached out.

Today I have reached out to a mental health company to help me.

Today I got in touch with someone from Mind, and I am now awaiting to see someone, I have tried to deal with on my own but it is just getting too much for me to deal with.

I know that the road ahead is going to be a long one but at least I am making a start right? These blogs have helped in a way but in another they have brought up so many things that I can not write down and share just yet for fear of everything.

I feel like this is just going to be one step amoung many others that I will have to take but at least i am taking that step, I will keep a blog of my journey and hope to look back and see the progress I will be making along the way.

This is going to be my journey and I am hoping I will be able to help myself get to the root of what is bringing me to feel like I am and if what I find is going to help or break me.

I need to rebuild myself, break anything down and rebuild a better verision of me.

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