Listening to my body.

As you know from a post a few days ago I was doing this listening to my body mindfulness/meditation thing, well…

The last few days I have become more aware of myself and my thoughts and feelings and how my body reacts to certain things I think about. It has been quite interesting to say the least.

Why? Well My thoughts seem to be focusing on my past and how I should of done things differently, which is not good because I should really just let go of it and move one instead of letting it linger and fester in my brain.

So little by little I have let go of some of them past memories and let them be, because I can not change the past only what I want my future to be. Not everything is quite as easy as some memories but at least it is a start.

As for my body well, that is just getting annoying because I can not do certain things no matter how much I try and be patient with, but at least it does tell me when enough is enough of something that I am doing and I am paying more attention to it, instead of over doing it and making it worse.

As for everything else well I have notice I am not smoking as much as I used to, my breathing seems to be more regular instead of irratic, My posture is slowly getting better even if it does hurt mosts days.

I am able to listen to what is around me, like the birds singing, a car coming onto the road, people talking as they walk past, the children laughing as they play outside in their back garden, and it is so peaceful and calming, until you get some couple who think it is funny to start an arguement for no reason!! But then block them out to enjoy the peace again.

I am humming a lot more these days, Haven’t done that in a very long time!! Not particular just a hum, but it is my hum and it is soothing and relaxing. It is the little things I am noticing more, like my face when I look in the mirror is becoming more familiuar. Silly I know but it is true.

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