March 2021

Picture of me then and now 🥰

When I started blogging my mental health journey, back then I would never have thought I would be where I am now, and what a journey it has been!!

I was at the point in my life were I just did not want to be here anymore and felt like I had no purpose in life, I was constantly battling with myself and always seeing the negative and bad in everything and anything, and just could not seem to found a way out, it got so bad that I had everything there ready to end my life and did not care who it would hurt when I did, until I reached out and asked for help.

Nearly 2 years later (even though I have only been blogging for a few months), and I am happier within myself, I have a small business that I love and enjoy doing, I am also working towards something for myself in the future that will hopefully be be the start of something amazing.

I have had some intense therapy session and have also done some inner child work, and will continue with the inner child work for as long as I am needing too, I no longer have counselling sessions as I have dealt with what I need to deal with I am now working on past traumas and learning to love myself again.

I have been doing a lot of self love and self care also as you can see from the picture, I look more happier and healthy and have a glow about me now, I am also learning who I am as a person and even though it has been hard and still is some days I just look at these picture and know I have come along way.

I am still doing my yoga and meditation but also have started to enjoy the littler things to, like going for a walk or enjoying a nice hot bubble bath, I have found I can be quite a funny person too which I never thought I was but seem to make others laugh.

I have also started to not pay attention to the criticism, and pay more attention to the positive, I have even learnt how to change the negatives of my day into positives and this helps me focus, I have also learnt to live for myself and not those that are around me.

I have set myself small goals for each day and one for each week that I would like to achieve, I am now at the stage where I am considering on setting a decent monthly goal, but nothing that can not be achieved at the moment.

Thank you everyone who has read, liked or commented on my blogs your support has been amazing and I will continue to keep blogging as I would still like to share my journey x

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