Mind in Overdrive

I have has always had an over active mind, even when I was younger.

When I was younger I believed in fairies, elfs, and other mystical beings and kinda still do. I also kinda still believe in werewolves and vampires and witches and all too.

My imagination would always think of stories to write and what they would be like or what it would be like to be one and have that type of power to be able to do good things. As I got older I still sort of believe in them.

Even to this day my mind goes into over drive and I am always thinking about everything, pros and cons, what ifs, and all different types of situations in a senarios, the good and the bad, the possiblity of someones reaction to something and how it would effect them if told something.

Even when it comes to going to sleep, I tend to think about the day and what I could of done differently, or if I could of said something else instead of that, or how my actions might effect someone, like when I do not want to talk to anyone or not have any communication what-so-ever.

I like my own company and would quite happierly just do my own thing, but, when you have kids and a partner you tend to not have that alone time to recupoirate time to myself,because I would have my son always wanting to be in the same room as me or my partner wants to talk and know everything about whatever has gone on.

I can just sit here and do absolutely nothing and I mean nothing, sometimes I sit and think other times I do not want to even think or feel anything, and be numb because thats when I feel at ease most times. When I do have to think about anything I tend to over think everything and read to much in to something, that might not of been there to start with.

I feel like I am training my mind not to absorb any information atthe minute as I tend to forget when I have woken up the next day whatever it was I was thinking about the day before, or there might be something else wrong with me but just can not be doing with going back to the doctors just to be told I am ok and there is nothing wrong with you.

I tend to go off track a lot too and can talk about something that is totally not relevent to what ever it is the subject was about, because my mind has been else where and can not seem to focus on whatevr is in front of me.

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