This week has been a bit of a weird one for me this week.

I have not taken my medication for pain and have been ok. Still have the aching sensation in my spine from the arthritis but no where near as bad as it was.

Had my 6 week review and found out that the mesh was inflaming everything which explains why I was off my feet for days on end. I also found out a few other things too which was interesting. Like when I opted for a pain relief in my back and I passed out was because my body shut down for a brief moment because of the pain it was under going!!

I know this is most problem gonna be too soon still to tell but I actually feel amazing right now which is kinda weird and refreshing at the same time. I am I think shock with myself at how pain free (almost) I feel. The movement I seemed to have gained in my lower half is by far the best it has been for a few years. But I know it is still to early to tell with everything as I have to have another 6 week check with my nurse practitioner and then another one 8 weeks after that with the surgeon who did my operation.

But I think I am now heading in the right direction whoop whoop (doing a happy dance in my head as body went into spasm mode) (I know this part will have made you chuckle slight because I did too when I typed it). It is the image of that I would think.

Anyway I will leave this high note here for now as I do not want the bubble to burst just yet and for this last week of December I will be posting every day as got a new theme for next year and do not want any blogs crossing over.

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