This week I had an hospital appointment about having my mesh removed. Did not like have to go by myself into the hospital but with a pandemic still going on you have to.

Was very informative and was talk of only having a small operation to see if that would help but that would of meant me going back and forth till they had took it all out so just opted for the full operation that way they can sort any issues that need sorting at the same time.

Felt very relieved with that appointment only down side is not sure how long I am going to waiting for this as the doctor said there is a long wait and could be end of next year. to which I said I was not to fussed when it was going to be just glad that I will be getting it sorted and finally have this mesh removed and hopefully not be in as much pain as I am.

Also this week me and my partner went to see Gerry Cinnamon and even though I was not bothered by him it was a good concert just glad my partner had a good time. We just managed to get some food as every takeaway shop shuts at 11!! Something to do with so they can avoid drunks coming out of the pubs!! Must get bad round then when pubs are closing.

Been a bit of a rubbish week weather wise as it has been raining or dull but that did not stop us from going to Carnaby Crawlers and even though it was coming down like a river rain wise, my partner and his son still had a good day. I just sat in the van doing college work and sorting my blogs out.

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