Sorry not been Blogging

Have been focusing on myself and getting myself into a positive mindset.

The last few weeks have been and up and down, but I am having more good positive day than bad ones which is a plus side, but this week I have struggled to find any motivation, to actully do anything.

The last few weeks I have got up walked my furbaby morning and night, I have eaten healthly and had a few cheat days as they are called, but nothing to bad. I have been doing Yoga and meditiation everyday, I have even got a skin care routine, and my skin is looking fresh and amazing.

But this week I have taken the dog out and still eaten health but I have just not go any motivation to do anything else, I am finding myself bored and just walking round the house thinking I really need to get it all sorted and wanting to redecorate.

I have nearly paid off all my debts because any spare money I have had I have put into those, only got afew things left to pay and that will be everything paid off, which is a big relief.

I have also made time to facetime my friends and family, which has been great for me keeping intouch, wish I had done it sooner to be honest but wasnt in the right frame of mind. I have also started doing Body Shop which is helping me have something to focus on, and I am enjoying too.

I have also started college too, which was a bit mindblowning as it was online and not in a classroom and my head could not get round that, but it was fun and hoping to make some amazing friends in the profession I have chosen.

Hope everyone is doing well?? Will try and do a weekly blog just so I am not putting to much pressure on myself, but at the same time wanting to share the positive parts of me now that you have all read the worst, I want to start sharing the best of me too.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you thank you for joining me on this journey and continuing to do so, it makes this blog more enjoyable 🙂

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