It is hard dealing with depression or any mental health issues without having to have the worry of how it is affecting those around you.

Lately I have been very low, and the one person I could always go to is having some trouble too, I do not know what is wrong and I know me been the way I am is not helping.

We do not seem to talk, or be open and honest with how we are actually feeling in case it tips either one of us over the edge. I know it is not easy for anyone whether they are a suffer or not.

I no longer seem to have my rock anymore and feel like I need to be strong, to help them, but have not got the energy to do so, and it did not help when they said I am letting it control me and that I need to give my head a shake and sort myself out.

If only it was that easy!! Depression is not just a phase that someone can just pull out of, it is constantly been in a low mood and dealing with the negativity that goes through my mind, even when something positive happens.

Depression is needing to be alone but not been alone, to not want to do anything, to do something, even if we do not want to, it is not just dealing with my thoughts but how I see everything too. I used to have someone who would be able to bring me out of my load moods by a simple phase, and the effort behind it.

By the positive energy they were giving off made me feel more positive on everything, but when someone is feeling negative I feel it too. I will feel it with force too.

Whatever I recieved I would give back 10 fold, I have always been a giver and will do anything to make someone happy, but when that person is not feeling themselves too it is hard to show someone, just how much they mean to you and that you appreciate them and everything they do.

All relationships are about give and take and if one lacks then the other feels it and it can then become a vicious circle, when do you say enough is enough? When do you both sit down and actually talk about what is really going on? How can you support them if they don’t?

Talking to the key to everything regardless of how good, bad or ugly it is, why? Because when you talk about what is really going on you can then both sort out how to deal with it and make plans of what to do about it. Supporting each other through whatever it is and dealing with it together, whether it be friendship, family, or partner.

It is a cruel world we live in and by not supporting those that need you the most onlys adds to it, not solving the problem.

Start talking and start how ever you feel is necessary to off load what is going on in your head, just say it, just let the words flow right out, because you never know the person your talking to just might surpise you and actually be there for you and help you through.

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